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Got uninvited animals in your attic? Give us a call!

There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch under a blanket enjoying a cup of coffee and a good book or television program. The experience is even better when you get to share it with your family. Unfortunately, those special moments can head south quickly if you hear the racket of unwanted pests coming from your attic or your crawlspace.

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The Bug Man offers affordable mosquito treatment plans so you can enjoy outdoor activities all summer long!

During our current health crisis, we’re all still allowed to go outside. It’s one of the few places in the Natural State that’s safe and easy to practice social distancing, and this is still one of the best times of year to enjoy time in the yard, or a picnic lunch in the park. Unfortunately it can often feel like you and your family are on the menu when the mosquitoes come out!

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Need to schedule an annual termite inspection? We can help with that!

One of the biggest struggles that homeowners face is long term maintenance on their homes. There’s nothing like having a place to call your own, but once you sign your closing documents and get handed the keys to your new home, you have to deal with everything that goes wrong. Each time that you wind up with a little extra cash, you can count on having to suddenly replace an appliance, or have to make a major repair. And when it comes to things that can damage your home, termites are one of the worst. In fact, termites cause more property damage each year than fires, floods, and other natural disasters!

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Having trouble with bed bugs? Give us a call!

bedbugsJust about every year, there are reports of massive bed bug outbreaks in larger cities. But bed bugs can be found just about anywhere. Treatment of bed bugs is challenging, to say the least. That’s why when it comes to bed bug control, the best defense is to be proactive.

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Spring is here, and so are the mosquitoes. We can help!

Now that springtime has arrived, we’re all ready to enjoy outdoor activities, and enjoy watching our children play in the backyard. Unfortunately, this is the time of year when mosquitoes and other outdoor pests start to get active.

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