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How to prevent mosquito infestations before they start!

As summer winds down, temperatures will start to get cooler, and we owe it to ourselves to spend as much time outdoors as we can. Unfortunately, there will still be a lot of mosquitoes and outdoor pests to deal with, and they can ruin an outdoor gathering in a hurry!

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Are you traveling this summer? Be sure not to bring home any bed bugs!

Summer vacations are a richly earned reward for yet another year of hard work. Unfortunately, you won’t always know the procedures for bed bug control and bed bug treatment at the places that you stay. Bed bugs are excellent at hiding, and can survive for a very long time without feeding. And it doesn’t really matter if you’re staying at a five star resort or a small, low-budget roadside inn: cleanliness isn’t always an effective deterrent. What we do know is that bed bugs are active anywhere that large numbers of people sleep, and that even though they’re not known to carry diseases, they’re definitely a nuisance.

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When you say hello to the Bug Man, you can say goodbye to mosquitoes!

As we wrap up another Arkansas summer, we owe it to ourselves to get outside as much as we can, and create great new memories with our family and friends. Unfortunately, if you’re unfortunate enough to have an infestation of mosquitoes, indoors in front of the TV might feel like your only choice. Chances are, you already do that way too much, and our team at The Bug Man is here to help you reclaim your home and yard from unwanted insects and wildlife.

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Contact The Bug Man for big savings on your annual termite inspection!

Your home is the most valuable asset that you own, and you want to protect it at all costs. We all know the importance of having insurance to protect our homes from burglaries, accidents, and natural disasters. But one thing that you might not know that the number one cause of expensive property damage is termite damage. In fact, each year, homeowners pay more to repair termite damage than damage from fire and floods combined. That’s why a termite treatment plan is an important part of keeping your home protected.

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A mosquito treatment plan is more affordable than you think!

As long as you don’t mind a little heat, summertime in Arkansas is a great time to enjoy outdoor activities. The kids are still out of school, the days last a lot longer, and it’s a perfect time to have guests over for a cookout or a play date for the kids. Unfortunately, if you have an infestation of mosquitoes, indoors in front of the TV might seem like the only logical choice.

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