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* Our Free Estimate offer excludes bed bug estimates for non-customers. If you are not a customer of The Bug Man, Inc., the cost of an estimate for bed bugs is $75.00. If you are already a customer of The Bug Man, Inc., bed bug estimates are free.

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Having bug problems? Our FAQ page is intended to offer tips, tricks, and videos on how to prevent a bug problem in your home or office!

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When you have bugs bugging you, regardless of the variety, you just want them to stop! It can be mosquitoes inviting themselves to snack on your garden party guests, cockroaches making themselves at home in your kitchen, or flies using your fruit bowl for a runway, it doesn’t matter. Whether they’re in your home or yard, they’ve worn out their welcome and you want them out!

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Is Your Crawlspace Making You Sick?

If you’re like most homeowners, your crawlspace is an area you avoid, preferring to avoid the dank, damp conditions that seems to give a home to all sorts of icky things. But those conditions are exactly why many crawlspaces need attention. Just do a Google search on “moisture control in crawl space,” and you’ll pull up a laundry list of items that, if left unattended, can lead to all sorts of problems including making you and your whole family sick.

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